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Quiet Place

Quiet PlaceQuiet Place
Quiet PlaceQuiet Place

‘Quiet Place’ is a personal project in the most literal sense.
I am an introvert, and it was my introversion that first drew me to CGI.
Introversion is most commonly associated with shyness and reserve in the public eye, but to me, it means that one’s attention, interests, and concerns are focused on one’s feelings, thoughts, and inner life.
One way to explain it is that introverts receive their energy from within, as opposed to extroverts, who feed off company.
For an introverted person, a significant part of life happens internally, and my goal was to show a glimpse of my mind in the form of a room.
Basic concept:
The search for inner peace remains a goal for introspective individuals around the world. It is a lifelong quest that challenges us to learn more about ourselves while allowing us to grow and evolve.
‘Quiet Place’ is both an expression and an exploration of this sentiment.
The main idea of the project was to depict a place where you can sit in peace for a few hours, removed from the worries of everyday life and free from the need to think about anything.
First and foremost, I created this space for me, as a way to escape from the hectic and often sad world around me.
This Interior Style, Mixed of few Interior Designs,
Such as;
– Minimalist Design
– Monochrome Design
– Rustic Design
– Boho Design
– Ethnic Design
– Vintage Design

Project Details

Project Name
Forgotten Room
Build Area
About 35m²
Design Year
July 2021
Residential, House
Tina Tajaddod
Architecture Firm
TT Studio
Muscat, Oman
Site Area
About 500m²
Design, Concept
Design Team
Tina Tajaddod, Phan Thuc
Sketchup, Lumion
Principal Architect
Tina Tajaddod, Phan Thuc

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